Notisemana 21/08/15

Notisemana 21/08/2015

My favorite Mac: the new 12" Retina Macbook
Yo sí voy a votar por los candidatos del PSUV
Nuestro insólito universo
Entendiendo el autoritarismo comunicacional
Taking notes: is the pen still mightier than the keyboard?
The medium matters
The benefits of good posture
Pixar is making another in-house animation tool free for anyone to use
Muere Daniel Rabinovich de Les Luthiers
Conjuring up the Hatbox Ghost
When do kids get too old for Disney?
The long road to Disney’s Star Wars Land
Disney wows fans with plans for Star Wars Attractions
Prologue and the Promise: Tale of two EPCOTs

Rafael Gorrochotegui

Twitter: rafaelgmagia


“Art is a form of magic designed as a mediator between this strange, hostile world, and us.”
— Pablo Picasso


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